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, an al-qaeda affiliated would-be bomber was caught with in 2011 in a thwarted bombing of the fort hood military. and scanning cell phone tower records for the moment of detonation and we've received news moments ago, offering a new view of the moment when a beautiful race day turned into one of america's darkest hours. . [explosion] >> here is what we know right now, the bombs appeared to have been packed with shrapnel to ensure maximum damage. the chief of emergency services at mass general says doctors have removed pellets and nails from the victims. that hospital alone treated 31 people and performed four amputations. at this point in time authorities are staying tight-lipped on possible suspects. the fbi will not confirm or deny anything. those sources are still telling fox news that quote, a person of interest is being questioned. just hours ago, the fbi also confirming this will be a worldwide investigation. promising to go to the end of the earth to find whoever is responsible. all told, police say 176 people were injured, 17 critically. and again, three people are dead, includ
if it is domestic or a foreign even if something that has from someone from the united states. >> you have an al-qaeda cookbooks in how to make bombs. this particular type of bomb was described in inspire magazine which is al-qaeda magazine how to make the bomb in kitchen of your mom was the title. essentially it's what al-qaeda has used and al-qaeda inspired groups have used in different incidents. they have used the shrapnel taped and glued to the side of the pressure cooker. they have used the exact same thing to have the explosive to do as much damage as possible to maim and kill as many people as possible in the vicinity. these particular explosives talking to intelligence officials and others here in washington were not huge. they were not massive explosives but they did cause damage and obviously three are dead. that number could rise since 17 are in critical condition. >> eric: the governor said that president obama will be visiting on boston on thursday. what do we expect to hear from him? >> it's an interfaith service. i expect we will hear from the president like in other services he has at
on times square in 2010 by shahzad and also we have to remember "inspire" magazine for al qaeda in arabian peninsula called for terrorist attacks on sports events iconic events. this is both, boston marathon and patriots day is almost the iconic all american event. mass killing of civilians. again, we don't know for certain but, to me, i think we have to be looking toward either al qaeda or off shoot of al qaeda or a self-starter here in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. >> bill: well, i mean, i think the fbi fairly soon will ascertain exactly what the profile is. in fact, there is a press conference coming up around 8:30 we will go to that immediately and the fbi and the boston authorities in a combined press conference. but, at this point, we don't want to speculate, but we do know what it was designed to kill and maim. maim, this is a very disturbing part. the reports are there was shrapnel and ball bearings and things like that. other eyewitness reports have reports of limbs being "boston blown off in horrific way. this wasn't designed to do anything other than create chaos and
of the hall marks of terrorism. al qaeda affiliated or inspired groups will try to hit one blast try to cause people to run away and try to hit you at the place where you ran to and there were some reports the second blast was biering than the first. >> this is hallmark of al qaeda one of their operations. >> part of the theory of what happened if they were detonated because they were so close you have two guys dropping two bags you have one guy who dropped both of them and then he is going to detonate them by a cell phone. apparently they have subpoenaed cell phone records from the area. they will try to triangulate where everybody was if there was a signal sent out nearby at 2:50. keep in mind boston marathon day, it's a big party day. a number of the restaurants nearby in boyleton people were outside having lunch, having drinks, cops ran over within seconds minutes of the race. everybody put down your cell phone, put them down, don't touch them. >> they my be the trigger. >> the bomber. >> last night there was a report from the wall street journal among other publications there may be as m
members of the homeland security committee say this looks like the mark of al qaeda. we have brand-new details in the f.b.i.'s investigation. first let's go downtown in boston. >> the sun is just beginning to rise over the city of boston, a much different city, a quiet city this morning, almost eerie to see boylston street behind me and this morning it still looks like a marathon happened here yesterday. streets are still a mess, papers are everywhere. that area is in lockdown. the business district not reopening today. that remains a crime scene as a terrorist investigation continues right now here on the streets of boston. this event happened just a little bit before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. that's when really the height of the marathon, the elite runners had long since finished about two hours earlier. so the people that were crossing the finish line were many of them charity runners, were here to raise money for leukemia, for the liver foundation, for all the various things that people raise money for in the course of the 26 miles, plus they're running. as they were crossing t
marathon. we know that al qaeda has talked about hitting sporting eventss and the pressure cookers involved, and al qaeda magazine -- called "inspire magazine" who years ago had an article that laid out how to build a homemade bomb and pressure cookers were one of the materials they suggested. so right now my gut is leaning in that direction. we don't have all the facts yet. >> neil: thank you, eric. very, very much. if this was a cause of great alarm, certainly a funny way of showing it, although we didn't recoup all the 265-point points we saw yesterday, we got a good of it back. but on fortress wall street there are a lot of folks who are still being checked going in and out of the new york stock exchange. we're there to find out what they're thinking next. for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto ang
we learned on 9/11, as you learned well, is that al-qaeda, for example, works in waves. that is they want multiple attacks at one time to create the maximum amount of chaos. some said there seems to be similarities between the london and madrid bombings, mr. secretary. there are certain patterns you put together with certain groups and some people are more likely to claim credit than others? >> we are wait to go see if somebody claims credit. but you are right, the madrid bombings and the bombings in '05 in london, multiple attacks in public places, there one was the underground and the other was the public transportation system in madrid. so you get a sense, as we find out more and more information about more and more explosive devices, the delay between the first explosion and the second. once we know about the detonating device, it has to be for sophisticated than some of us perhaps thought initially, that it's morph a coordinated attack than any of us may have thought after the first hour of the incident. >> one more question, additional officers immediately were se
associated with the group al qaeda in yemen, so basically no conclusions on who or what group may have been responsible for boston in the video, if you look closely in the shadow, you can see what appears to be pieces of flying metal consistent with the pressure cooker information. devices were placed inside black nylon backpacks and then placed in garbage cans. in some cases the injured have upwards of 30 pieces pieces of p shrapnel in lower victimouts and the that is being turned over to investigators. >> nails, or sharp objects. i can't say what they are with certain but that's how hey look like. [inaudible] >> they are numerous. numerous. people with 20, 30, 40 or more in their body. >> investigative source tells the fbi is scanning cell phone tower records for what was described as the moment of detonation, a positive hit that could allow them to identify a phone number and trace it back to potential suspect. >> shepard: last night they had a person of interest. did some investigating and now it sound like he is a person of interest no more. >> the investigate tv source told us the sau
is a surviving member of the hong kong football club. you may remember they were hit by the al qaeda bombing in bali 2002. he lost nine teammates in that attack. he is very resistant to apply this to a group of people, or put a face on this, given to the temptation of hatred in this place. whoever is responsible for this is one nut or a small group of nuts and they're not worth his anger, bill. bill: well, mike tobin, thank you. with us here in boston. here's what we can tell you, a lot of leads, a lot of work to do. it is just the beginning here in boston. jamie? jaime: bill, thank you so much. meanwhile former house homeland security committee chairman congressman peter king is saying his gut instincts pointed to terrorism. >> the boston marathon on patriots day is almost the ultimate as far as an iconic athletic, all-american event and also mass killing of civilians, again, we don't know for certain but to me i think we have to be looking towards either al qaeda or an offshoot of al qaeda or a self-starter here in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. jaime: fbi investigators are curr
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9